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Top 5 Body Massages That Will Drive You Crazy

  1. Erotic Body massage is a great way to relax as it explores pleasure with a lover and a great way to start orgasmic sex. 

Erotic massageAccording to Tantra practices, the body is like a temple and must be honored well for delight. Massage aims for an exciting experience where erotic energy is handled sublimely as a prelude to a sex session.

The benefits of body massages are awakening of senses and whole-body healing. It is a way of exploring pleasure in entirely new ways. The massage methods include eye contact, connected breathing, and delicate touches to enhance intimacy.

The best part is that the massage develops a connection between the giver and the receiver and destroys the illusion of separation of bodies and creates the feeling of Oneness.

Massage instills excitement in persons because it excites erogenous zones and enhances the recipient’s excitation or arousal causing orgasm. 

Top 5 Body Massages methods 

In most escort services massage is a prime item with varied items like the following.

  • Erotic massage 
  • Body to body massage 
  • Sandwich massage 
  • Sensual massage 
  • Yoni massage 
  • Soapy massage 
  • Cock massage

Body to body massages2. The body-to-body massage stimulates every part of a body unlike in some other private parts that are not touched or left out. B2B massage is a full body massage covering all body parts including private parts. These days, women also seek erotic massage to experience orgasms.

Top Body Massages for ladies

3. Yoni massage explores the body in a slow, methodical, and sensual way focusing more on the vulva and vagina. In this therapeutic message tension of the vagina is removed. During yoni massage waves of sensations will pass through the body and it can also be foreplay to lovemaking. 

This message will drive the woman to a trance-like ecstatic bliss and the deepening pleasure expands satisfaction. The most sensational pleasure point is inside the vaginal canal and is called the G spot. It gets huge stimulation from yoni massage which aids in a bed busting sex. 

4. In Soapy Massage two people or more stand in a shower. Either one person or all will be naked. One person will spread the lather onto the other person’s body and give a massage.  

In massage, a female hand, girlfriend, or escort will rub your body with ayurvedic oil and arouse giving a rapid rejuvenation.  

5. In sandwich massage, clients will have more as two girls are involved. Their rubbing will be highly erotic. Every time the female rubs the body sensitive zones get arousal and it peaks with her gestures. Cock massage is a thrilling sensational massage on the penis and often culminates in a blow job

When the girl’s hands brush past the cock a hard-on is inevitable with an intense desire for her touch on the cock.

Expert tips for a better Body Massage

A good massage will be near orgasmic, whether in a spa or couch. According to an expert, use two fingers from each hand, press gently into the partner’s temples (forehead) for several seconds simultaneously. 

Then, glide fingers down the cheeks making tiny circular motions down the face. Reach the jaw, trace lips softly with the index finger because the outer edge of the lips is full of sensory neurons that trigger waves of pleasure.

The thyroid gets stimulation from caressing. It is this tiny neck gland that controls sex drive. Trace circles around Adam’s apple in the throat region with one fingertip. Brus the lips along the throat and give a tongue massage via wide but soft circles.

The importance of back massage needs a reiteration. As we know kidneys located along the lower back right above the waist are a reservoir of sexual energy. Focus on the sacrum which is a flat triangular bone at the base of the spine lying between hips. It is a hub of many nerve endings and the kneading of the masseur’s palms will warm the skin. Repeat the exercise of tracing fingertips from the base of the spine to the region above.

On the stomach tap two fingers from the navel to the base of the man’s penis. At the belly button make circles with fingertips and make them further big as fingers move toward the outer abdomen. But balance the pressure in avoiding the feeling of tickling as moans need to come out from the sheer pleasure.